Finally, you can accept pre-orders.

Celery is the easiest way to accept orders now
and charge when you're ready.
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Fast-forward revenue

We made it easy to get revenue earlier than ever.

Don't miss a single order

In 90 seconds, you can start capturing pre-order demand. They'll contact you saying "I missed it! Can I still get one?" Your answer will be "Yes."

More than payments

Pre-orders capture credit card info without actually charging, protecting you from chargebacks. Plus: order management tools.

An extension of your team

Ask us anything. We've helped a lot of startups build their business, and we'll help you. We're just a phone call away.

Easy e-commerce

Effortless to set up and integrates beautifully with anything.

Easy as copy-paste

If you can copy-paste, you can take preorders. Just paste 2 lines of code anywhere on any website.

Integrates with everything

Celery checkouts work with platforms like Wordpress or Shopify, or even a custom site. Plus, checkout is mobile-optimized.

Beautiful checkout for your customers

Our customers receive compliments from their customers on how easy and simple it is to checkout with Celery.

Incredible customer support

Our customers rely on us to help them succeed.

Huge upgrade, personal support

Compared to our previous check-out solution, Celery was an enormous upgrade. Finally our sales experience matches the high design standard we hold for our products. Plus, the support is personal and amazing!

Adam Vollmer of Faraday Bikes Adam Vollmer
CEO & Founder
Faraday Bikes
Stunning platform and support

Excellent! We did a lot of research before picking a partner and are really very very happy we chose Celery. You guys have done a stunning job with the platform and in supporting us. Honestly, it feels like the platform is evolving directly in line with our needs. So, thank you!

Daniel Cowen 3Doodler Daniel Cowen
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Simple pricing

Free to start, free to use. Small fee on transactions.

2.0% per transaction

A flat 2.0% fee per transaction in addition to Stripe or PayPal fees (2.9% + 30¢).

To inquire about volume discounts and monthly plans, contact

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