What Our Sellers Have To Say

Celery was created to help makers and builders succeed.
Here is a sampling of what people have said after using us to start selling.
Stunning platform and support

Excellent! We did a lot of research before picking a partner and are really very very happy we chose Celery. You guys have done a stunning job with the platform and in supporting us. Honestly, it feels like the platform is evolving directly in line with our needs. So, thank you!

Daniel Cowen 3Doodler Daniel Cowen
Our customers compliment us on the ease

We've been using Celery for a few months now to accept pre-orders after our Kickstarter campaign ended and it has been a great experience. I've gotten emails from multiple customers complementing us on how easy it is to pre-order. I highly recommend Celery to anyone who wants to create a post-crowdfunding campaign order page or even a DIY Kickstarter alternative.

Eduardo Torrealba of Oso Technologies Eduardo Torrealba
CEO & Founder
Oso Techonologies
Huge upgrade!

Compared to our previous check-out solution, Celery was an enormous upgrade. Finally our sales experience matches the high design standard we hold for our products. Plus, the support is personal and amazing!

Adam Vollmer of Faraday Bikes Adam Vollmer
CEO & Founder
Faraday Bikes
Selling can be step #1

Celery is the simplest way we've found to accept and organize pre-orders. It's so simple that selling can become step #1. Once again, great product!

Chris Ronzio One Small Business Chris Ronzio
one small business
A perfect transition

It was important for us to capitalize on the momentum of our Kickstarter campaign, and Celery provided us an easy to use, intuitive platform to start early pre-orders.

Stephanie Rich Spark Devices Stephanie Rich
VP Business Development
Spark Devices